What Makes Marilyn Monroe Spas Such Great Fit for Multi Unit Owners?

“We should all start to live before we get too old.” - Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe Spas + Multi Unit Owners = A Perfect Match

Fifty percent of Marilyn Monroe franchise owners have more than one location. The power behind our iconic brand, our unprecedented approach to cleanliness, and multiple revenue stream paradigm are just a few of the reasons Marilyn Monroe Spas is such a hot franchise opportunity. But what makes us such a perfect fit for multi unit owners, specifically?

Ground-Floor Opportunity

By getting in on the ground floor with an emerging brand like Marilyn Monroe Spas, you’ll be poised to expand as readily as opportunities present themselves.

Plus, Marilyn allows us to stand out in a highly fragmented industry. So while Marilyn Monroe Spas might be an emerging opportunity, the timeless appeal of our brand fuels our ability to attract a higher income demographic and expand quickly.

Rapidly Growing (Recession Resistant) Industry

We don't have to tell you that health and beauty is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Or that, historically, beauty is one of the few recession-proof industries. (We’re pretty sure Marilyn would approve of the Lipstick Effect.)

Multi unit owners, especially, benefit from this growth because they’ll be first in line as new expansion opportunities continue to emerge and their multiple investments are more protected from economic fluctuations.

Pricing Power for Stand Out Locations


We've reinvented the day spa by providing modern, beautiful, and clean environments that our customers love. Our nail lounge and glamour room concepts allow us to adapt to most locations and budgets and provide enhanced expansion opportunities.

Marilyn attracts a higher income demographic and gives us pricing power, helping our owners to obtain higher profile real estate. And because many multi-unit owners are looking to enhance their investment portfolios (and ultimately their purchasing power for further expansion) high value location matters more than ever.

 International Brand

As part of our long term strategy, Marilyn Monroe Spas has partnered with Empire Business Brokers to expand the Marilyn Monroe Spas brand across the globe; an especially hot opportunity for area developers living and/or working overseas.

Area Developer & Master Franchise Options

Interested in opening several units simultaneously in a single geographic area? Ask us about our target markets. Area Developer and Master Franchise representatives are awarded exclusive territory rights, and we’ll provide you all the support you need to build out and market multiple Marilyn Monroe Spas.

Want to lean more? Visit our website to fill out our franchising form to find out more about this franchising opportunity. We can’t wait to get to know you!